Exclusive proposals for accommodations surrounded by the mountains

Old houses with a hi-tech heart.

Inside of the exclusive chalets of Prà di Riva, the Walser style is recreated: stone fireplace, exposed beams, internal wooden cladding recovered from old chalets and wax treated (windows with opening also with flap and dark sliding interior concealed).

Insulated and soundproofed internal partition walls and larch or fir floors finished with natural oil are just a few small attentions that ensure a very high living standard, without noise.

The geothermal heat and biomass power plant ensure the heating of the environment through systems with radiant floor heating systems with the consequent elimination of unsightly open-air radiators. Low energy consumption enables the chalets to be classified as energy class A. A latest-generation home automation system allows controlling by telephone the domestic systems, such as water heating, electricity, gas, activation of anti-intrusion alarms, smoke, flooding. Each house on the ground floor has a large garden; on the contrary, the penthouse solutions have large lobbies that allow you to live the house even on the outside. Individual solutions are still available.

Alcune proposte di soluzioni abitative

Soluzione Attico

Soluzione Giardino

Common Areas

Common places, breathtaking landscapes

Take inspiration from one of the chalets already made!
Each has been customized according to the needs expressed by those who have not resisted the temptation to buy a small piece of heaven.


Why buy a chalet in
Prà di Riva?

In the village on the slopes of Monte Rosa, there are exclusive mountain huts designed in accordance with the ancient Walser tradition!
You can choose between different solutions, with or without the garden, with or without the attic.

Fine finishes tailored to your needs.